Thursday, 29 November 2007

Nice to meet you.

Hello... this is me, LJ Rich. Gadget fanatic, music/technology anorak, and chocolate addict...

I'm so excited about joining the blogging community properly, it's one of those things that I thought about for a while, and failed impressively to execute until today, where I finally have no excuses left.

You see, I'm a proper online journalist now (see and I think it's about time I got this gaping hole in my tech-life well and truly filled. After all, where else can I chat about Life, the Universe and Everything? (OK, I tend to digress on the telly quite a lot... )

So if you haven't read the "about me" paragraph above - in short, I'm the one that everyone comes to when they have burning questions like "what camcorder/laptop do I need?" or "what is an MP3?" It's my duty (and pleasure) to provide sensible answers that apply to the real world. I also get "pub quiz" phone calls as I'm known to have a penchant for strange and wonderful trivia. You should hear me shouting at the telly when quiz shows are on. By the way, regarding burning questions, I'm not counting the "LJ, do you know the chords to [insert tune]?" or "Do you know where the teabags are?" ones by the way, I do have some restraint.

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Cedar Bristol said...

Congrats on the blog! And I love the picture.

One topic that you could elaborate on is how one gets addicted to anoraks.