Monday, 24 December 2007

Seasons Greetings

Phew, that's my lot for now- I'm back on TV on the 29th with a quick show in the evening.

I decided to buy myself a new laptop for my very own xmas present - from the lovely people at Rizeon Laptop Computers who make gorgeous super-fast custom ones. Mine is the stunningly rapid Z37S with all the trimmings, including biometric fingerprint scanning, built-in webcam and obscenely fast components. I'll be taking it out to Vegas with me when I go to CES in January.

The Virgin chat went really well, we made sure to answer every single question we were sent, including a rather amusing "Can you recommend a good curry house", along with home entertainment, AV and computer queries. If you want to have a look, here it is!

Time is ticking away until the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas - as well as mooching round the exhibition open-mouthed at all the crazy stuff going on, I'll be filming a Visual Blog of all things interesting for Virgin Media. At CES, exhibitors have timeslots where press, buyers and distributors get their chance to see products in action, then chat to the people behind the innovations.

Our working title is "Virgin Does Vegas", and I'll be sending my video footage direct from my Rizeon over t'Internet through to Virgin HQ in the UK, where it will be edited and released. If there's any specific tech you'd like me to track down for you, please suggest them to me and I'll give it a good try.

It just remains for me to wish you a very happy festive season - enjoy !

'Tis the day before Xmas and everything's wrapped
I'm buying tech presents this year - how apt
I'm sent all my e-cards for everyone to see
thank goodness I've made sure they're on Bcc.

Lots of love,
LJ x


Beasty said...

Good Luck in Vegas it looks huge,
some of us are trying out blogs
on with pics and txts.

Beasty said...
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Beasty said...

When was this posted
im a time traveller and didnt even know it

Beasty said...

Best gadget i bought last xmas
was my cheap telescope £50 from
see the moon i urge everyone to do it
taken some cool pics with my compact Sony camera
the detail is superb