Sunday, 13 April 2008

Flash Mob at Liverpool St London (UK)

So this weekend, apart from spending time in front of my new toy (see previous post and youtube clip) , I attended my first ever flash mob on Friday. I had the presence of mind to take the camcorder with me - I've just finished editing together the footage of this crazy event that actually made the news!

I was there with MissGeeky (who played Tosh in the Sweded Torchwood S2:13 Episode), whatleydude, and various others - after the event, we all went off to the Pitcher and Piano for the celebration of a job well done.

Have a look at the footage, embedded here

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Bar staff kindly placed Rick's Finest on the jukebox - not sure they realised what was going on, and certainly when 30-40 of us sang along (some with lyric sheets) it did look mighty strange. City workers and pub regulars looked on with a mixture of bemusement and intoxication, which made the encore thoroughly worthwhile, especially when people started to join in.
... as for Flash Mobbing? I might have to add that to the ever-increasing list of things I'm getting addicted to.


Whatley said...

Glad you had such a good time lass!

Here's a link to my first EVER flashmob...

(I'm the guy, about ten seconds in, just off centre to the left, with massive white sunglasses on and down on one knee)


Adonis said...

Good work LJ! It was a great fun! Nice to have met you for the first time also.