Saturday, 12 April 2008

From Jack To Mac: A song is born

Having just emerged from my self-imposed cocoon of composition, it's now time to confess yet another addiction I have appeared to pick up in the world of technology. I've just submitted my first ever youtube clip - I've been on before, but never uploaded myself (that sounds so Matrix...)

So here it is, the youtube clip: installation, composition and production from the point of arrival at my doorstep. The chaps at Absolute Music were as good as their word, and happily the Mac Pro arrived with Logic 8 Studio fully installed, and the sound card already configured. Some might wonder where the challenge was, and I say it's enough to know how to do it, and much more satisfying to just get down and write -what a pleasure that was!

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I made this by taking photos at every stage of installation, from opening the boxes yesterday right up to the upload a few hours ago - one of the most revealing pics is the look on my face just before I open up twitter on the browser to blog the instant happiness I felt at that point - you can see the complete contentment I'm feeling at having a system I've pretty much dreamt about for many moons. I only slept 4 hours last night, dreaming of Mac.
My last system, although state-of-the-art in 2002, was just not fast enough - the tech got in the way of composition, and the computer couldn't keep up with the kind of processing power demanded of it. It's so wonderful to be able to play with this every day - after some difficult times in the last few years, I can't begin to describe how it feels to realize such a dream that felt so far away for so long.
Or, as I put it [much more concisely] on twitter, "Woohoo!"


The Magician said...

Hey LJ that video was great, the music is awesome are you going to release some so we can buy it in the shops, and when will chocolate be ready? or if its ready now where can i get it from?


LJ Rich said...

Hi Stuart, thanks for your comments - cheers! Am currently working on a music project that will hopefully go live july/august time, and will let you know all about it!

The music, electronic bounce, can be bought on Flashden for use on the web here

My blog is now hosted at and that's where all the new info and updates will be posted.

Have a great bank holiday!